Legal Services


Regulas Clients

Regular clients, whether individuals, families, companies, legal entities or other organizations, are clients who make/sign a cooperation agreement for a certain span of time with mutually agreed terms. Regular clients will get those facilities, such as:

  • All forms of civil, criminal, and corporate legal consultations that can be carried out effectively.
  • Consulting services on weekdays. Meetings are held periodically to discuss legal aspects for the sake of clients.
  • Services can be carried out anywhere in the jurisdiction of Indonesia.
  • Receive priority in the handling of criminal and civil cases in District Courts (of Justice) at a relatively lower cost.
  • Have the right to include the name of the advocate on letterhead, envelope, business card or other identity.

Incidental Clients

Clients request legal assistance for a legal case by providing certain power of attorney to handle the case. The case submitted will be handled professionally to completion. Clients will receive information/reports related to case management progress.


Consulting Clients on Legal Matters

SOFYAN & SOFIAN LAW FIRM provide services to clients to get consulting services if it takes more than 30 minutes. It takes a minimum of one hour for consultation based on case position, if more than that it’s considered as regular clients.